Why coaching? Adaptive organizations improve 655%

Why coaching? Adaptive organizations improve 655%

In a landmark study completed at Harvard Business School by Kotter and Hasket, organizations with performance enhancements – specifically professional coaching – improved an average of 655% in key indicator areas such as revenue growth and net income growth compared to those organizations without performance enhancements.

According to the study, these adaptive organizations tended to:

1. Give balanced attention to serving all stakeholders

2. Be highly energized and aligned on shared common goals

3. Be receptive to change, responsive to opportunity, and dedicated to creative risk taking

4. Provide a positive, encouraging environment that builds confidence and morale

5. Provide a high trust environment that identifies and confronts problems

6. Celebrates the wins


How can you implement these key elements in your practice? The answer is one of solid leadership and focus, along with develop of exceptional communication, relationship, and people skills. Unfortunately, we dentists have very little exposure and even less training and education in these areas!

Working with a professional coach will easily help you identify the areas of direction and focus and most importantly, help you build a profitable and healthy practice much faster than doing it alone.

If you’re interested in transforming your practice, consider Kotter’s eight steps to transforming your organization:

– Establish a sense of urgency

– Form a powerful guiding coalition

– Create a vision

– Communicate the vision

– Empower others to act on the vision

– Plan for and create short term wins and celebrate them

– Produce still more changes

– Institutionalize the new approaches and changes

With focus, solid leadership and management skills, along with excellent communication skills, there is no reason you can’t have the practice you really want. Working with a professional coach will get you there in a big way!

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