What do YOU believe?

If you watch the news or read the newspaper, you will hear that Obama is both the best thing that happened to the U.S. and he is the anti-Christ. Or, you’ll hear the ACORN and the Tea Party are both going to bring the U.S. to its knees.

Whatever we hear on a consistent basis becomes our belief system. What do you expose yourself to on a consistent basis?

As a dentist, do you believe dentistry is in another Golden Age, or that we will all be out of work after the Health Care Reform Bill? Do you believe there is no way to build your practice with fee-for-service patients only, or that you must accept all 3rd party plans to remain in business? Do you believe that the economy is so bad that people are putting all dental care on hold, or that there are plenty of people in your community who are desperately looking for a dentist to give them the best care possible?

In our world of dentistry, we are influenced by a plethora of written materials, aren’t we?  We are exposed to the best way to do this-or-that, to the worst way; from an abundance of writers hawking their services with half-written articles, to promises of writers for results if you do it “their way”. No matter how you serve it up, we’re inundated with an abundance of information that we have to consistently sort and filter. And, that information is coming faster as our “information age” comes in full swing.

What do you consistently expose yourself to in dental journals, blogs, and newsletters (such as mine)? Take a moment to think it through. No, really! It’s important because it shapes your belief system, which ultimately affects the choices you make, your happiness, your success (or failure), and attitude. And because you’re a dentist AND a business owner, your choices and attitude affect a whole bunch of people!

In coaching, a basic tenet I hold is that YOU have the answers. In our world of consultants willing to tell you THE answer, I believe that there is no one that knows your practice better than you. Period. Yes, there are times that we all need additional information, but ultimately we have to trust our instincts and experience.

Coaches do teach, they do consult, and they do cheerlead. In fact, professional coaches do a lot of things – whatever it takes – to help their clients achieve their objectives, most importantly without doing it for them. The long-term objective is to assist you in becoming self-generating and self-correcting, in part meaning that you no longer look outside yourself for your answers and that you know what you need to do to keep yourself of your path. As a coach, I help you find your path and stay on it.

So ask yourself: What do I believe? Is what I believe serving me? Is what I believe keeping me on my path, or am I wandering somewhat aimlessly? Are my beliefs assisting me in my success, fulfillment, and satisfaction? Do they bring me peace?

Take an honest look at your own beliefs and what you listen, who you talk to, and what you read. See the connection between it all.

Make that connection, and you’ve made an important discovery about who you are and where you’re going.

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