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Read about how other dentists enjoy personal satisfaction, reduced anxiety, and increased profitability after working with dental coach Dr. Don Deems.

Whether you are struggling to build a more profitable practice, you are dealing with chronic anxiety, or you are frustrated on many different levels, Dr. Don Deems can help you improve your practice and overall quality of life. He will begin with honest self-assessment and goal setting. Then he will help you to establish specific plans of action to achieve those goals. As both a practicing dentist and a dental coach, Dr. Deems truly understands the business and day-to-day reality of dentistry. Read on to see how past clients have benefitted from their work with Dr. Deems.

“I first contacted Don after watching him talk about coaching on a video. I was looking for help for making changes in my office and my career path. Don helped me to analyze myself, which guided me in knowing how to deal with blockades in the way to my goal. Don is very committed to helping in any way he can, and is very generous with his time. I have made progress toward my goal and have avoided some major pitfalls because of Don’s help.”
Gregg H.
“I first came to Don after struggling for several years from being generally burned out and unhappy with doing dentistry. I had everything anyone could ever want, a wonderful family, nice house and good practice all on a three and a half days a week schedule. After feeling guilty about having it all and still hating to go to work, I knew I needed help. Don and I hit it off right away! I felt like he understood exactly what I was going through. Through a series of weekly coaching sessions, and doing my homework in between, Don has helped me reduce my anxiety, let go of fear and be able to enjoy going to work again. I have found a lifelong friend, coach, and mentor in Don and I can’t recommend him enough.”
Bill H.
“I contacted Don after speaking with him at a conference. I really felt like I was hanging on to the knot at the end of a rope…professionally, personally, financially. I thought on it for several months before I acted, and I am so glad I finally made the commitment to get started with coaching. Don and I talk on the phone three times each month, and through our conversations, we both identify tasks and projects that I need to start or complete. As I’ve started to have more focus related to my business and my personal life, I can feel the path getting smoother. I don’t feel like I’m drowning among many needs of my professional and personal life, I am able to identify what is of most value at each moment, and work on one to three things at a time, as to not be so overwhelmed that I do nothing! My head is clearer, my practice is showing steady improvement, and I have both short and long-term goals that are identifiable and attainable. I finally feel like I have room to breathe.”
Stacey S.
“I first called Don Deems nearly 10 years ago after reading one of his articles in Dentistry Today. I was doing OK financially but was feeling burned out and was tired of walking into my office and feeling like I was the only one thinking! I have been practicing dentistry for 26 years, and calling Don has been the best decision I have made in the management of my practice, and the rebalancing of my life.

“If you are interested in a ‘recipe’ or ‘script’ to solve your problems and increase your profitability, don’t call Don! If, however, you want to love your job again, make more money, have more time off, and improve your relationships with those you love, your staff and your patients, then a relationship with Don will help you achieve all these things.
Don Deems is the Real Deal. NO hype, NO rah-rah. Just real help for real dentists in the trenches.”

Dusty M.
“I contacted Don for the first time a few years back because I was having some challenges in my workplace. Being a dentist and a business owner requires different skill sets. Don was able to provide me with solutions to problems I was experiencing regarding day to day business operations. For example I was not informed about what an ‘at will’ workplace was. Don clearly explained the concept and provided me with a script to solve a management issue I was having with an employee. We spoke for about one hour on the phone and after that hour I was able to feel confident that what I had to do in the office was not only correct in basis but also in the process. Needless to say I have had several conversations over the years with Don and every time he was able to provide the correct solution to my specific problems. I would offer this advice to anyone looking to speak with Don, just do it! Everyone needs help sometimes and Don, in my opinion, can help tremendously.”
Jason H.
“I came across an article in one of our trade journals that Dr. Don Deems, ‘The Dentist’s Coach’ had written. Any other time I wouldn’t have read it. Funny how when you are in need if you will just open your eyes and heart the answers will be provided. So I read it. I was intrigued by the concept of a coach. I saved Don’s # and stewed on it for a few weeks. I researched his credentials and finally I called. Don was engaging and compelling. Not pushy at all. I liked that. His fees were more than reasonable and he worked his schedule around mine. A partnership was born that has started me down a beautiful and rewarding path.

“About a year has passed. Don restored my confidence, focused my attention, and opened my eyes to opportunities that I couldn’t previously imagine. Gross productivity is down about 30%, but net profitability has increased to 36%, and it’s still climbing…Within a year, maybe two, the gross will be back where it was, and the net will be over 40%.
In 6 weeks, I am giving my first lecture of a series that is intended to create partnerships with other dentists and ultimately, teach them how to do what I do. A potentially beautiful transition for me into retirement; whatever that might really mean. This year for the first time I took two separate vacations, each 10 days long. Next year I’m taking three and the next year I intend to cut back to 3 work days/week. Opportunities to expand my practice and open branches in foreign lands are opening.

“Don didn’t MAKE any of this happen. He ‘coached’ me to make it happen. He also provided me invaluable resources. What a gift! Reminds me of the old adage, ‘Give a man a fish and you’ve feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ve feed him for a lifetime.’

“Regarding retirement; not only no, but hell no. I’m having way too much fun. There are many models available that sound a lot better than walking away from my life’s work, plopping my butt on a couch, and playing golf or fishing every day. If any of what I have revealed about me sounds like you and you are ready for change I would suggest you give Don a call. If you are on the fence, ask him for my number.”

Wayne B.
“I had a successful practice by most measures and a wonderful family. I live in a nice house in a beautiful part of the country, yet I felt something was not right. I felt I was not as happy as I could be. I don’t remember how I heard about Don, maybe it was an article I read. I had used personal coaches in the past, so I looked him up.

“Don has the unique perspective and experience of a dentist and that made all the difference. He understands exactly what I go through on a daily basis. We talked for a few months and he helped me work through some nagging anxieties and worry that were effecting the quality of life. Mostly, it seems now, through a gentle self-exploration. No psychotherapy. We kind of just talk.

“I continue to talk with Don on a regular basis. I feel it gets me charged up and focused for the week ahead. He is a wealth of knowledge for practice management info, too.”

John C.