Resolving Unresolved Matters

Almost everything that is unresolved is resolvable. It just takes time, skill, and intention.

How does one resolve matters? The process for resolving matters in your life means getting clear of the unresolved matter. That doesn’t mean taking a head trip by playing games, deferring responsibility, placing blame on someone else, or some other tactic.

Do the following, in order:


• Talk directly to whom and with whom you have an unresolved matter.

• Inform them that what they said hurt you, left you with a funny feeling, etc.

• Describe exactly what you heard.

• Ask for clarification.

• Make a request or state a resolution.


• Return it, if you borrowed or took something, with a conversation, not just a simple thank-you


• Give a gift, if you did something bad, as a token of your caring about the person, then—most

importantly—talk about it.

• Restore it, if the person was damaged by your actions, by doing something great for them or

simply restoring the broken item. Even better, make it in better shape than before you broke it.


When you have fully resolved something, it no longer comes back to you as a thought, feeling, or


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