MORE Resolutions for the upcoming New Year?

It’s funny how our culture focuses on two things at New Year’s: celebrating and making resolutions.

Now, I’m all for doing more celebrating – literally – as celebration always comes up last place in the business world, behind productivity and discovery/learning. I’ll save that for another day.

But resolutions … now that’s a different matter.

Let me ask you this: Name 3 resolutions you are still adhering to today. If your answer is “none”, you’re not alone. Why can that be?

For starters, a resolution is a resolve against something; it’s a negative action. For example, a common resolution is to exercise 3 times a week. Of course, the gyms and clubs all know this, so it’s easy pickins’ for people to join and pay dues for something they’ll use very seldom after the first two weeks. Yet year after year, it happens again.

So if resolutions don’t work, what does?

They’re called intentions. Some may label them as goals. Whatever you label them, how you frame what your intention is will have the most significant impact on whether you make the progress you wanted to make.

Using our example, how about “This year, I will exercise more than I did any previous years.”  Do you see how this is a positive statement that doesn’t box you in if you can’t or don’t want to exercise one week – or more? The positivity of the statement is pulling you forward … not throwing out roadblocks.

This New Year, try setting intentions instead of resolutions in your practice and your life, and by the end of next year, let me know how you fared!

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