Practices of Excellence: Moments of Truth

Practices of Excellence

There are some fundamental truths about building practices of excellence that every dentist should understand and embrace. The importance of these truths is introduced here to signal the need to attend to them, and to be open to learning about how they apply to your practice. Your success, personally and professionally, is largely determined by your attitudes. These are the attitudes you hold about yourself, your business and your prospective clients. What you focus on is what you get!

Focusing on your competition leads to mediocrity

Don’t try to compete. Instead, thoroughly examine yourself and ensure you are playing to your strengths. When you play to your strengths, and you do work which personally rewards you, extraordinary things happen, and you are naturally able to accomplish the extraordinary.

Work that develops you – such as coaching – develops your business

When your work is tied to your strengths, is challenging, and enables you to express your authentic self, the result is a powerful business identity. You become a commodity by not differentiating your business. You must invest in creating an individual, unique identity for your business if you want your clients to invest in you as a preferred brand.

Your clients grow in direct relationship to your growth

Supporting them well means having a diverse array of tools, models and approaches which you continually evolve as a function of developing yourself as a practice of excellence. Grow your business for the long term by focusing on growing your expertise, experience and business identity. Don’t focus on the wrong metrics, and revenue is the wrong metric if it is focused on to the exclusion of the above areas.

Be willing to over-promise – and then deliver

Stretch yourself to do the nearly impossible because when you do that, you know you are playing on the leading edge, and the edge is where practices of excellence thrive. Practices of excellence don’t try to protect themselves, and they don’t yield to fear of the unknown. Developing raving fans is overwhelmingly a function of the relationships you create. Quality and consistency are important, but are secondary to the power of relationships.

Be willing to invest in creating yourself/your practice as a brand

Brands perform in a superior fashion over non-brands in every arena, period. You must continue to grow the depth and breadth of your practice even as you are enjoying your success. Buyers of your services want what’s new, fresh, different. Moreover, you can’t allow yourself to become complacent about developing your practice simply because there is a lot of business in the present!

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