The Number 1 Obstacle to Dental Practice Growth

As we enter into the New Year, you are probably looking to achieve greater productivity in your practice. However, the number one roadblock to dental practice growth may surprise you. If you are struggling to improve your practice and to increase profitability, the problem may be, well, you. I say this not in a spirit of judgment. I know this because I was there. I, too, struggled to improve my practice and to pull myself out of debt. It was only when I discovered the ways I was holding myself back that I was really able to achieve my goals. This year, improve your practice by improving yourself. As you learn to identify and correct the underlying problems that stand in your way, you will probably find that your overall life improves, as well.

How Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

Time and again, I see dentists struggling valiantly to improve their businesses, yet they seem to be going about it from the top down. They invest in costly equipment, bring in motivational speakers, take seminars, and do many other things that they feel will bring them personal and professional satisfaction. Unfortunately, they continue to struggle because they are not addressing the fundamental problems. They are not committed to making true and lasting change, which can only start from within. Making these changes requires honesty, self-assessment, and above all, bravery. It is not easy. However, once dentists make this commitment, they could enjoy greater fulfillment than they ever thought possible.

Coaching and Dental Practice Growth

One of my favorite parts of being a dental coach is seeing my clients’ faces light up as they discover the things that have been holding them back. Even if you have only been working with me for a short time, you know that self-assessment is one of the fundamental components of my work. At the beginning of our time together, I asked you to fill out a self-evaluation form, covering everything from your practice finances to family relationships. As you continue to progress through your coaching, you will become better at self-analysis. You will be able to pinpoint your weaknesses more easily. Most importantly, you will learn to take definitive, specific steps to address these flaws and improve your dental practice growth.

Making Changes in 2015

So what kind of changes should you be making? The answer, of course, is different for each of my clients. It will depend on your goals and on what you discover through the process of self-analysis. However, in my experience, there are several common problems that may prevent from enjoying the success you desire. Some of the most common goals include:

Once you have identified your goals, you will need to create a plan to achieve those goals. How will you improve in 2015? The process will be a challenging journey – but it is one that is worth taking.

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