Merry Christmas from Your Dentist Business Coach

Merry Christmas to all my loyal readers and clients! On this most wonderful day of the year, I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you for all that you do, for dedicating your lives to serving others, for being upstanding pillars of your communities, and for providing steady jobs for all of your team members. Thank you, too, for taking the time to work with me as a dentist business coach. As a working dentist, I certainly know how busy your lives can get. I applaud you for taking the time to pursue coaching and for honestly trying to be the very best that you can be. It takes courage, dedication, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

Your Dentist Business Coach Asks, “What Do You Believe?”

Christmas is all about belief. As you enjoy this day with your family and friends, I encourage you to think about what you really believe. It is certainly a good day to examine your spiritual beliefs, but take a moment to reflect on the other beliefs that you hold dear. Are you acting on those beliefs? Are you allowing them to be the center of your life, the standards by which you act? Trust your instincts on this one. Far too often, we allow ourselves to be “sold to,” to be told what we should or should not believe. This sales rep tells us that we must have the latest laser tool to keep up with the changing face of dentistry. That consultant tells us that we must change the way we run our business in order to see greater profitability. We are told what we should believe so often that we allow ourselves to be run ragged. In turn, this affects our team and our personal happiness as we strive to change who we are.

As a dentist business coach, I am a big advocate of change, but I also think that you are enough. You have all the tools you need for success right at your fingertips. It all starts with what you believe and with following your heart to make those beliefs the center of your life. You must make those convictions the standard by which you judge all your actions.

Have a Peace-Filled Christmas

As you spend time with your family and friends this holiday, your beliefs should be clearer than ever. You’re surrounded by them! Love, commitment, passion, service, giving back – aren’t these the reasons we became dentists in the first place? Today is a day to celebrate those beliefs. As you soak everything in this Christmas, I encourage you to take a moment of quiet reflection. Reaffirm your beliefs and your commitment to serving those principles throughout the year. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy some well-earned downtime. Above all, allow the love and peace of Christmas to fill your hearts and the hearts of everyone around you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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