Marketing Your Practice: Helping Your Clients Get the Word Out About YOU!

Marketing Your Practice - Testimonials

If I were to ask you, “How do you write good testimonials or reviews?”, would you know the elements of doing that? Could you help your clients understand how to write a review? As a dental coach, I want to help you know how to help your clients write those reviews which are “golden” for your practice.

The most powerful way to do that is to structure the review around the following THREE items:

The Challenge: What led you to contact me in the first place?

The Process: What did you do, or what did I have you do?

The Result: As a result of working with me, what happened for you? What’s different?

Of course, your clients are no different in knowing what to say or write about you, so help them!

Today, people are very savvy about reading reviews or testimonials about your practice. For one, they need to know that it is a truthful, unbiased review that accurately reflects their own experience in your practice. By getting to the three points I mentioned, readers of those reviews can quickly and easily get to the heart of what they need to know, without wading through a long, winding story which may be hard to follow or understand OR a quick bleep or ‘thumbs up’ which doesn’t answer any questions at all!


HELP your clients know how to write a good review and ASK them to do so – especially if their experience has been good and you were able to not only get the result they wanted, but also do it in a way that met their expectations.

Like it or not, the reviews you get on your practice, your results, your service, and many other important issues that you are judged on are critical to your success, as the vast majority of people do “research” on you on the Internet – even if they get several word-of-mouth referrals. Many will decide to see you or not see you based on those reviews.

How can you receive the great reviews you deserve? Naturally, by being the best person and dentist you can be, providing the care you are proud of, having the office be a great place to receive care, and having a supportive team to help. Of course, there are many more elements of a great practice, and one super way to make your practice BUFF is by working with a coach who knows dentistry and what you face each and every day – and who have the experience, expertise, and credentials to help you have the life and practice you want!

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