For Dentist Leadership, Live with a Sense of Wonder

Take a moment and remember Christmas as a child. The world seemed magical. Nothing was more beautiful than the glow of Christmas lights reflecting off the snow or peeking through the branches of the tree. Santa was very real, and your every action could influence what you found under the tree on Christmas Day. It truly was the most wonderful time of the year. What are the holidays like for you now? If I’m guessing right, you probably feel frazzled and overwhelmed. You’ve lost your sense of wonder, and, in all likelihood, you haven’t only lost it in regards to your feelings about Christmas. Particularly at this time of year, I like to remind my clients that dentist leadership and personal happiness depend on a sense of wonder.

Dentist Leadership Depends on Childlike Awe

What is wonder? It is a sense of something larger, an awareness of the beauty around you, a willingness to live in the moment. That is why children are so often filled with wonder. With no overarching responsibilities and a rather abbreviated sense of time, they can abandon themselves to the moment. They can live without distraction, seeing what is around them with new and unjaded eyes. Don’t you wish you could live this way again?

Although you can never fully return to the magical days of childhood, you can bring a sense of wonder back into your life. It won’t be easy. In fact, it may be a great deal of work. However, when you live with awe, you will not only be happier; you will find that your professional life improves, your relationships with others grow richer, and your dentist leadership abilities increase. Because you will live more in the present moment, you will be able to interact with others on a deeper level. You will be able to listen to your patients, and meet them where they are – rather than where you think they should be. You will be more aware of your team and their hard work and dedication. In this way, you can acknowledge their accomplishments, leading to greater employee satisfaction and a personal sense of support and gratitude. With a sense of wonder, you will also be more attune to your family and their needs. Overall, you will happier and more at peace.

How Will You Live Your Holiday Season

What better time to cultivate this childlike awe? The holidays give us the opportunity to step back, to look at what really matters, and to communicate with others on a deeper level. There are many ways that you can improve your own sense of wonder, but one of the most important is taking the time you need to do so. Spend some quality time with someone you love this Christmas. If you have kids, allow yourself to enter into their excitement. Spend time with your significant other. Find one thing that you have always loved about him or her but for which you have never expressed appreciation. Do so now. Let this sense of wonder extend to your interactions with your patients. After all, this is the season of giving and generosity. Give to your patients by taking the time to listen and by sharing a kind word, rather than a mere clinical diagnosis. If you do not already do so, begin getting to know them on a personal level. Find one thing truly wonderful about every person you meet. By starting now at the holidays, you can continue to live with a sense of joy and wonder long after the New Year has passed.

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