Dentist Goals Quiz: Is Your Life in Balance?

How do you know if your life is in balance? After all, it’s a rather subjective thing. Hard work is important, and so are family, friends, exercise, spirituality, and host of other things. Most of us are just going along, trying to do the best we can. Getting everything done is challenge enough. All too often, it feels as though meeting deadlines and getting to appointments on time is the most balance we will ever achieve. However, for me, balance is something more. Balance is having a life full of meaningful and things that are important to me. I encourage my clients to make balance one of their top dentist goals. Although our work is certainly important, it is only when we have balance that we can connect to the meaning behind it. Take this quick quiz to see in which direction your life is leaning.

Take the Dentist Goals Quiz

  1. When is the last time you took a vacation?
    A. Last summer. I took a weeklong trip with my family. I’m also going to take a few days off for the holidays.
    B. I don’t remember.
    C. Last February I attended an out-of-state-dental conference. I caught up with some friends while I was there.
  2. Which statement best describes your attitude when you wake up in the morning?
    A.“After some morning meditation, prayer, or downtime, I’m excited to get to the office.”
    B. “Ugh. Not again.”
    C. “Thank goodness for coffee.”
  3. What do you do on the weekends?
    A. Spend time with the kids, take my spouse out on a date, or grab drinks with friends.
    B. My office is open on Saturday mornings. The rest of the weekend, I catch up on work email and make appointments with colleagues.
    C. I try to do fun things with family and friends, but I often get sucked into work. Many times, I’m so tired, I sleep the weekend away.
  4. Which of the following statements would your team members most likely say about you?
    A. Dr. Smith is a great person to work for. He/she always maintains an upbeat and positive attitude.
    B. Dr. Smith is a taskmaster. If I didn’t need this job, I would have quit long ago.
    C. Dr. Smith is a nice person, but he/she always seems frazzled.
  5. How do you feel about your job over all?
    A. I love it! I am doing something I feel truly passionate about.
    B. I remember loving this in dental school, but now I barely remember what I liked about it.
    C. I love working with patients, but I feel overwhelmed by everything else.

Check Your Answers

If you answered mostly A’s: Congratulations – you have found a great sense of balance in your life! You spend quality time with family and friends, and you take the time to reconnect with yourself, as well. Thanks to your great of balance and proportion, you take great pleasure in your career. Others may even come to you for advice.

If you answered mostly B’s: Your life is heavily weighted towards work.  Because you never take time for yourself or those you love, you may even have begun to resent the career you were once so passionate about. A sense of balance will bring greater meaning and satisfaction to your life. An honest self-assessment can help you figure out our dentist goals and determine what is most important to you in your life.

If you answered mostly C’s: You are trying to find balance, but you’ve got a way to go. Your life primarily revolves around work. You know what you want out of life, but you have a hard time making these goals a reality. Learning time management, delegation, and budgeting are practical solutions that can help you rearrange your schedule to give yourself the time you need.

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