Charitable Work Can Enhance Dental Practice Growth

‘Tis the season of giving. This time of year, we tend to think of personal giving. We buy presents for our family and friends. We may give our team members small thank you gifts. If we can, we may donate to our favorite charity. However, as vital as individual giving is, it is also important to increase charitable work in your practice? Community outreach is not only a great thing to do from a philanthropic standpoint. It can also have tremendous benefits for your business, and it can increase your dental practice growth. Whether you do it during the holidays or you wait until the New Year, charitable work can revitalize you, your team, and your practice as a whole.

Marketing and Networking for Dental Practice Growth

Of course, the most important benefit of charitable work is the effect it can have on the recipients. However, it can also have direct, practical effects for your dental practice growth. Philanthropic work will get your name out to a larger segment of the community. When you sponsor a local sports team or host a food drive, your name appears on t-shirts, flyers, and other promotional materials. The next time someone goes to look for a dentist, they are more likely to stop at your practice name because it is familiar – even if that person doesn’t remember where he or she has seen it. Additionally, your name will be associated with kindness, concern, and empathy. Isn’t that the kind of dentist you would choose for yourself?

Philanthropic work also gives you a chance to network with other businesses in your community. You may collaborate with other health care professionals, law firms, and area professionals. In this way, you can develop ongoing relationship that may help with referrals. It will also spread your name in the wider community.

Benefits for Your Team

Charitable work can also boost team morale and overall satisfaction. In a previous post, I have talked about motivating the “lazy” team member. Often, employees do not take initiative because they do not feel like they have any responsibility. By including them in community outreach, you can give your team a sense of purpose and a new excitement about their jobs. Although charitable work should always be voluntary, encourage your employees to take an active role in planning and orchestrating your program. This work can give your team –and you – a sense of balance between work and personal life.

How Should You Give Back?

Although all charitable work is admirable, certain programs can benefit you more than others. Choosing a charity that has some relevance for your business will be more helpful for dental practice growth. For example, you might organize a toiletry or dental product drive, since food stamps do not cover the cost of these items. If you focus largely on pediatric patients, a Christmas toy drive can be a great charitable option.

It is also helpful to select a charity that has direct ties to your community. Although there are many nationwide programs, working with the local community will do more to promote your business. It will also give you and your team a sense of personal connection with the community and a greater satisfaction with your work.

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