MORE Resolutions for the upcoming New Year?

It’s funny how our culture focuses on two things at New Year’s: celebrating and making resolutions. Now, I’m all for doing more celebrating – literally – as celebration always comes up last place in the business world, behind productivity and discovery/learning. I’ll save that for another day. But resolutions … now that’s a different [...]

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Dental Consulting, Coaching, and the Winter Doldrums

Sometimes, January can seem endless, and it's just about to start!  The excitement of the holidays nearly over, the Christmas bills are starting to come in, and you are not due for another vacation until the summer. To make matters worse, it’s not just you. Your team and patients are also deep in the January [...]

Can Dentist Consulting Build a Personal Foundation?

What is the foundation of your life and business? Do you have one? Developing a personal foundation is incredibly important – to your business, your family, and your personal happiness. If you feel harried, unproductive, or dissatisfied, it may be because you have not developed your personal foundation. You may have turned to others looking [...]

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Personal Growth Essential to Dental Practice Growth

Far too often, I meet dentists who assume that their personal lives have little to do with their professional development. This could not be farther from the truth! In fact, I believe that personal and professional growth are so closely related that you cannot have one without the other. Unfortunately, our stress-filled culture often places [...]

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A Recipe for Dental Practice Planning

This time of year, there is a huge emphasis on healthy eating. Every grocery store is advertising its specials on reduced calorie frozen dinners and high protein granola bars. However, as any nutritionist will tell you, the healthiest way to eat involves preparing your own foods, choosing fresh ingredients and making sure to consume a [...]

Why American Dental Productivity Falls Behind Other Nations

Did you know that American businesses rank fifth in the world in terms of productivity? Dentistry is not immune to lack of productivity. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Here we are, mostly undisputed leaders in the fields of technology and science. With all of the products available to American consumers and, presumably, a more affluent clientele [...]

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It Takes a Village to Create a Dentist Business Plan

“It takes a village to raise a child.” Like most proverbs, this brief exhortation contains an incredible amount of wisdom. In many African cultures, although parents are ultimately responsible for their children, they draw tremendous support from a network of extended family and friends. The whole village participates in the raising, nurturing, and education of [...]

Understanding Dental Consulting vs. Coaching

At speaking engagements and in my personal interactions, I often get the same question: “What’s the difference between dental consulting and coaching?” Many dentists and other business owners understand the value of a consultant. He or she understands finance and marketing in a way that a dentist simply doesn’t. Consultants often have a business background, [...]

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