Dental Consulting, Coaching, and Letting Challenges Shape You

Don’t you wish it could be smooth sailing all the time? I do! Wouldn’t it be great if every patient was compliant, every team member carried out responsibilities correctly, and every interaction with your spouse was filled with love and laughter? What a pleasure that would be! However, while these things might be good in [...]

The Number 1 Obstacle to Dental Practice Growth

If you’re in practice, you are probably looking to achieve greater productivity; I’m not sure who wouldn’t. However, the number one roadblock to dental practice growth may surprise you. If you are struggling to improve your practice and to increase profitability, the problem may be, well, you. I say this not in a spirit of [...]


It’s Thanksgiving once again: that day, every year, when we are all gluttonous to celebrate the fact that ‘Pilgrims and Indians’ had a harmonious meal — at least that is how it has been framed historically. On the last Thursday of November, every year, we celebrate the beginning of a European invasion that ends with [...]

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Dentist Mentor: What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

Today is Ash Wednesday, the day that Catholics and other Christians begin celebrating the season of Lent. In the traditional liturgical sense, Lent is a time to renounce your own inclinations in order to repent and draw closer to God. Although this period is especially dear to the hearts of Christians, others have begun to [...]

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Dental Consultant Quiz: The Blame Game

As a dental coach, I often address the same issues that a dental consultant must deal with. However, I go beyond the surface concerns of poor marketing and unsatisfactory profits to analyze the underlying reasons for these problems. When I work with my clients, we begin with honest self-assessment. Many of us have difficulty facing [...]

Cultivating Gratitude

As a dentist coach, I hear about professional and personal problems daily. I also spend a lot of time helping my clients to identify the flaws and missing pieces in their practices. I help them set goals and establish plans to achieve their goals. However, even though I think a lot about what’s missing [...]

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