Do Your Patients Find You Trustworthy?

A lot of the key articles in psychology on the topic of trust have really come out in the 21st century. And one really key article that emerged in 2006 was a study in Psychological Science by Willis and Todorov. Willis and Todorov conducted a really elegant study that simply discovered the remarkable finding that trust [...]

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Warmth vs. Competence: How Do your Patients Perceive You?

A short review paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences by Susan Fisk, Amy Cuddy, and Peter Glick really summarizes a body of research that is essential to understanding how psychologists think about trust and how psychologists study trust in this day and age. What Fisk and colleagues have found over years and years of studies is [...]

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Team Meetings: Do they really need to be bummers?

Over 30 years of practice and 17 years of coaching dentists and their teams, I rarely hear how much both the doctor and the team enjoy team meetings. After all, most team meetings turn out to be “complaint sessions”, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, so why would anyone want to do them? [...]

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Stuck? Dilemma is No-Man’s Land!

We dentists and our teams are pretty nice people. We work hard to please our clients and all things considered, do a pretty good job in a complicated world. Our traits generally serve us well, except one: we don’t like change, and neither does our team. Consider the following scenarios and the changes that [...]

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Hiring Quickly and Firing Slowly – A Common Error

Too quick to hire? You’re not alone. As a professional dental coach and practicing dentist, a common error I see is hiring quickly and firing slowly. There are many reasons for this, but none of those reasons bode well in the longer run. Because most dental practices are relatively small, when an employee leaves [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Personal and Business Coaching

1. What Is Coaching? Professional coaching is a professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team. Through the process of coaching, individuals focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce their personally relevant [...]