Outside-the-Box Stress Management Ideas

It's natural for most people to do what everyone else is doing, and in many cases, what everyone else is doing works out fine. But sometimes, this within-the-lines kind of thinking can cause us to forget that there is more than one way to cause change or improvement in our lives. Ask for someone's ideas as to what strategies [...]

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Resolving Unresolved Matters

Almost everything that is unresolved is resolvable. It just takes time, skill, and intention. How does one resolve matters? The process for resolving matters in your life means getting clear of the unresolved matter. That doesn’t mean taking a head trip by playing games, deferring responsibility, placing blame on someone else, or some other tactic. [...]

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Avoiding Patients Becoming Inactive

There are many, many ways that patients become inactive in any dental practice … too many to list here. And, sometimes you’ll never know why! However, usually there IS a reason, so it’s important to stay in touch with every patient to understand on an individual basis on what’s going on with him or her. [...]

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The Key to Success: Incremental Change

As a competitive cyclist (at least in my mind) and a cycling fan, I watched with interest a documentary about a pro cycling team named Team Skye who set out to get get results with incremental change. Initially, they wanted to show the world that “doping” (use of enhancement drugs to improve performance) was not [...]

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