The Key to Success: Incremental Change

As a competitive cyclist (at least in my mind) and a cycling fan, I watched with interest a documentary about a pro cycling team named Team Skye who set out to get get results with incremental change. Initially, they wanted to show the world that “doping” (use of enhancement drugs to improve performance) was not [...]

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Mistakes in Treatment Presentation

As a practicing dentist like you, I know all too well the importance of treatment presentations. Whether or not your patients accept your care is one of the biggest determinants of your success or failure. As a certified professional coach to dentists, I also know too well the myriad of differing philosophies of practices, the [...]

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Work Harder?

A recent survey conducted by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence studied the levels of engagement and burnout in over 1,000 U.S. employees according to their engagement-burnout profiles. Researchers divided employees into several groups: “apathetic” — low engagement-low burnout (2.4%) “burned-out” — low engagement-high burnout (1.8%) “moderately engaged-exhausted” — moderate engagement-moderate burnout (35.5% ) “highly engaged-exhausted” — high engagement-high burnout (18.8%) “engaged” — high engagement-low burnout (41.1%) [...]

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