Can Dentist Consulting Build a Personal Foundation?

What is the foundation of your life and business? Do you have one? Developing a personal foundation is incredibly important – to your business, your family, and your personal happiness. If you feel harried, unproductive, or dissatisfied, it may be because you have not developed your personal foundation. You may have turned to others looking for help, but instead of focusing on this underlying aspect of your life, you adopted new business strategies that really addressed the surface problems. In contrast to dentist consulting, coaching targets the fundamental aspects of your life. By helping you to build a strong foundation, a coach enables you to make lasting personal and professional changes.

What Is a Personal Foundation?

A personal foundation is not simply a business model or a vague life philosophy. It is a defined set of values, principles, goals, and modes of working. A strong foundation is what allows you to work with integrity, to form lasting connections, and to remain true to who you are, even in the midst of the most difficult challenges. Without a strong foundation, you will never find long-term success – not because you are not capable of it, but because you have nowhere to expand and develop your abilities.

A personal foundation can incorporate a broad range of things, touching all aspects of your life. Some of the components of a personal foundation include

  • High standards both in the office and in your personal interactions and inner thoughts
  • Defined values, knowing what is most important to you and what it is that you are working for
  • Strengthened personal relationships
  • New connections with others
  • Connection with your community
  • Letting go of the things that are holding you back or cluttering your life
  • Clarified personal and professional goals

Dentist Consulting, Coaching, and Your Personal Foundation

Dentist consulting can address some of these components (business connections, financial goals, professional standards, etc.). However, it cannot completely build a personal foundation simply because it doesn’t touch on the personal. Because coaching includes all aspects of your life, it can help you create a solid foundation for growth. Often, when you address things that seemingly have nothing to do with work, you will enjoy tremendous professional benefits. Let’s say you are struggling to connect with your teenage daughter. As you learn better ways to communicate with her and listen to her needs, you may find that this troublesome relationship is a symptom of a larger inability to communicate effectively. Suddenly, your interactions with your team and patients become more fruitful and satisfying, as well.

Of course, if your business is floundering, you may not have time to build your personal foundation. Although you should still work on its creation, this process is a lifelong journey. Rather than starting from scratch, find your current strengths and build your practice on those things. You can always redefine or strengthen your values and goals later down the road. However, you can enjoy tremendous growth now just by eliminating the things that aren’t working for you. Are you spending time and resources on ineffectual dentist consulting? Are you marketing for a procedure that you really don’t want to perform? Are you adding needless tools to your practice in an attempt to bring in new business? Drop those things! Remember, before you can lay the cornerstone, you have to clear the surrounding ground.

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