Boundaries: Personal Worksheet

To have a healthy life, you must have healthy boundaries with other people. Use this checklist to see what you can shore up!

  • To be in relationship with me, people MUST listen and honor what I say.
  • No snide comments, subtle digs or less than honoring conversation – no matter what.
  • I tell everyone exactly how they may talk to me, treat me or be with me.
  • I simply walk away from people who are angry or are inappropriate with me.
  • I don’t help people unless they have specifically asked that I do so and I can do so with virtually no cost to myself.
  • I spend my time with people who always see the best in me, not with those who disregard or belittle me. I quickly sense toxic people and I stay away!
  • I know my 3 core needs and am now getting them satisfied.
  • I do not engage in bottom line behaviors. I say no to people who want things from me that may cost me to give.
  • I do not abuse my body in any way.
  • I know in the moment when I am disturbed (vs. feeling or recognizing it later).
  • I feel comfortable questioning people, their motives and what is happening right now.
  • I am willing to speak up and be heard.
  • I tell the truth as soon as I sense it.
  • I have stopped tolerating anything, anytime.
  • I do not use the phrases if…then, I’m fine (when I am not), whatever you can do.
  • When I don’t like something, I change it.
  • I do not wait, rationalize or explain, ever.
  • If I don’t want to, I say NO and am willing for others not to like that answer.
  • Things and people are either acceptable or unacceptable and I act accordingly.
  • If things are not going the way I want, I make a clear and firm request of those involved.
  • Regardless of the perceived consequences, I now speak my mind and do what I want, not what I think I should do.
  • It is now okay with me that not everyone likes or loves me. They can even dislike me. That is their thing, not mine.
  • People must be straight with me.
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