Why American Dental Productivity Falls Behind Other Nations

Did you know that American businesses rank fifth in the world in terms of productivity? Dentistry is not immune to lack of productivity. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Here we are, mostly undisputed leaders in the fields of technology and science. With all of the products available to American consumers and, presumably, a more affluent clientele than other countries, why do we trail behind the rest of the world? In my opinion, stress is the number one culprit. As a nation, we are more stressed than citizens of most other countries, and it can affect productivity, performance, and personal happiness. Fortunately, dental consulting, and, more significantly, dental coaching can help you learn to reduce and manage stress. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of the American Spirit without running down your own spirit.

The American Way

We are a nation of self-made men and women. Anyone with a vision can achieve their goal, provided they have enough drive and hutzpah. While I certainly think these opportunities are a huge boon to us as Americans, I also recognize that they can lead to a huge amount of stress. There is a certain pressure to achieve, to show that we are valuable contributors to society and to the American Dream. In most cases, we are not even aware of this pressure. However, with a culture that is driven by such standards, it is easy to become sucked in unwittingly.

Think about this: the US is the only developed nation without legally mandated paid time off! Austria, the country with the most time off, gives its workers 22 days of paid vacation and 13 paid holidays. In contrast, the average American worker in the private sector gets 16 paid days off total. 25% of Americans do not get any paid time off at all.

How Dental Consulting and Dental Coaching Can Help

Ok, I’m not advocating a complete overhaul of the American workweek. I simply present these statistics to show how easy it is for us to become stressed by the daily demands of our careers. As business owners, the pressure becomes even more intense. Even on our “days off,” we are ultimately responsible for the workings of our practice. In turn, our own stress can affect our team members. This can result in decreased employee motivation, high turnover, and absenteeism. Then we will feel more anxious, and on it goes in a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, Americans have a tool at their disposal that other nations underutilize – consultants and coaches. Dental consulting can help dentists to improve profitability, marketing, and time management. In turn, dentists can enjoy a greatly reduced level of stress. However, with dental coaching, I take a slightly different tactic. Rather than simply decreasing the anxieties of the moment, I help my clients find the underlying reasons for their stress. By addressing these problems, they can reduce stress over the long term. They will also learn valuable self-assessment and problem solving skills that will enable them to face any future difficulties with confidence. In turn, they will enjoy greater productivity and, perhaps more importantly, a sense of inner peace and a renewed love for their careers.

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