A real coach, or someone that claims it?

For the very few of us dentists who found a calling to become professional personal and business coaches and took the time, focus, and energy to complete a professional training program, we get more than a little irked by people who call themselves coaches without the credentials to back it.

No, they are not doing anything illegal or even unethical, since coaching is not yet a licensed profession. Again, not yet.

Coaching is one of those business buzzwords that hit the scene in the early 90’s and has continued to gain momentum. Dentists are still grappling with the concept, and most aren’t even sure what it is.

Basic components of professional coaching have been studied at leading business schools, such as Harvard, and found to be many times more effective than consulting alone. Yet, many consultants claim to be coaching, when in fact, they’re doing very little of it. Coaching does not mean showing you how to do something and then leaving you to do it; that’s consulting.

So, is consulting valuable? Sure it is. Will it get you to where you want to be in your life and practice? Maybe, although I will say that most all of my clients have “used” more than one consultant in their career and are still lacking what they really want.

How can I explain coaching to you in a way that you would understand and realize that it is an incredibly powerful asset to you and your life?

One way would be for me to line up my clients and let them tell you their stories and how coaching changed their life; that might get your attention!

Another way would be to give you analogies … examples of related professions that would help you understand the difference.

Maybe I could ask you to look at information on highly credible websites such as http://www.internationalcoachfederation.org or http://www.coachinc.com. Would you take the time to look at these through your busy days?

You could make a small investment of buying my latest book off of my website, or if you have a Kindle, purchase it on Amazon.com. Perhaps that investment of your time would help you.

The reality is, unless your in some sort of “pain”, you’re likely not to seek assistance. That pain can be anything from frustration about your practice to anxiety about doing dentistry to wanting a more cohesive team to just about anything that brings you angst. That’s what may get you to coaching, but the real gift of coaching goes way beyond that.

The only way you’d truly know is by experiencing coaching. To do that, all you have to do is try it. Most professional coaches (including me) offer complimentary sessions for you to experience the power of coaching. It’s a simple as making a phone call or sending an email to schedule a session.

Why not? Why not right now? You can have the life of your dreams, but not if you just sit around thinking about it.

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