7 Ways to Be an Unforgettable Dentist

Like a dental practice consultant, as a dental coach, I am dedicated to helping my patients be the best they can be. When I work with a dentist, I want him or her to be a truly unforgettable practitioner. I want patients to walk away from their appointments, thinking, “Wow! I have never had such wonderful dental care. I will never forget this dentist.” Fortunately, becoming an unforgettable dentist is easier than you might think. Certainly, it takes dedication and determination. However, when you follow the steps listed below, you can leave an indelible impression on your patients’ minds.

1.      Listen

If you were to ask patients what they most look for in a dentist, you would get an overwhelmingly consistent response: “I want a dentist who listens.” Patients know that you have knowledge and expertise, but they have unique concerns. Perhaps their dental phobia overrides their desire for a perfect smile. Maybe budget takes precedence over the latest cosmetic treatment. To be an unforgettable dentist, you must learn to listen and to adapt your recommendations to meet your patients’ individual needs.

2.      Check Up on Your Patients

If your patient has had a difficult procedure, a quick check-up call that evening will make all the difference in the world. That level of personalization and compassion is what makes a dentist truly unforgettable. (The same thing applies to your hygienist. If a patient had an unusually trying time during a routine cleaning, your hygienist should also place a follow-up call.)

3.      Be Efficient

Unfortunately, inefficient dentists are also unforgettable – but in a completely different way. When a patient can make an appointment for 3:30 and get seen at 3:30, you have provided memorable care and positive care. If you have trouble with scheduling, consider adopting a time block system. You might also invest in some scheduling software.

4.      Make Your Practice Comfortable

Contrary to what all the medical marketers say, patients don’t always want all the bells and whistles. While some dental technology is certainly desirable, a comfortably furnished and relaxing office will really stand out. Soothing music, blankets, headphones, and similar amenities can make dental care a pleasant experience – especially for dental phobic patients.

5.      Get Involved in the Community

Hopefully, you want to participate in community and charitable events already. However, if you feel that you simply don’t have the time, here is a little more incentive: community involvement will put your name at the forefront of potential patients’ minds. When they go to look for a new dentist, they’ll remember you as the one who organized that food drive or taught a class on dental hygiene at their child’s school.

6.      Have Killer Social Media

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. What if you could take that “time waster,” and turn it into a great marketing opportunity for your practice? After all, if you have an engaging social media presence, you are far less likely to be forgotten. If possible, hire a marketing specialist or SEO strategist, who can boost your online presence.

7.      Hire an Unforgettable Team

As you know, you’re only as good as your team. When patients have healthy teeth, they’ll be spending most of their time with your hygienists and office staff. Therefore, it essential to be extremely discerning during the hiring process. Work with a potential new hire for a few days to make sure he or she will be an unforgettable addition to your office family.

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