6 Ways Working with a Dental Coach Could Change Your Life

In 13 years of being a dental coach, people have often asked me, “Why coaching?” Working with dental coaches is a fairly new concept. Many dentists do not understand the advantage of coaching over dentist consulting or financial planning. As a coach, I tackle many of the same issues that a coach or a financial planner would address. At the same time, however, I go beyond the fairly limited confines of my clients’ practices. I ask dentists to take an honest look at themselves, their goals, and their personal satisfaction. Through this process of self-assessment, they will not simply enjoy a more successful practice. They will also benefit from lasting changes in their personal and family lives, as well.

Working With a Coach? You’re Not Alone

When I tell people that my job as a coach is to guide dentists in making both personal and professional changes, I am sometimes greeted with a dazed smile or a slight shake of the head. I hurry to reassure them that what I do is not “feel-good mumbo jumbo.” I help dentists take positive, defined steps to achieve greater success in all areas of their lives. It’s not just me – over 25% of all Fortune 500 companies employ coaches to guide their CEOs. As small business owners, dentists can derive as much benefit from coaching as international executives.


How Coaching Could Change Your Life

Whether you have been working with me for several months or you are just starting out, you may already have noticed some changes in your life. If you have not seen them already, here are six more ways that dental coaching could impact you.

1. You’ll Grow in an Understanding of Who You Are.


As one of the first steps of coaching, I ask my clients to complete a self-assessment form. This form will ask practical questions about the day-to-day operations of their practices. It will also focus on future goals and ways in which they want their business to improve.

2. You’ll Learn Creative Problem Solving.


Once my clients have identified potential areas of growth, I help them to establish a defined plan to achieve their goals. Throughout this process, I teach them problem solving skills. In this way, they will be able to identify areas of concern and make future changes on their own.

3. You Could See Significant Practice Growth.


As a coach, I am certainly interested in financial and practice growth. However, I recognize that dentists are often held back by difficulties with communication, time management, leadership, and other skills. By improving these areas, which can affect a dentist’s entire life, I help them to achieve greater professional success.

4. You Will Have a Happier Practice Team.


As part of the self-evaluation process, I ask my clients to take an honest look at their office team. Are they doing everything they can to ensure their employees’ happiness and professional growth? I guide them in learning better communication skills and establishing a nurturing work environment.

5. You Will Find Inner Peace.

No, I’m not a psychologist or a spiritual guru. However, my clients consistently report feeling calmer and more at peace after coaching. It’s not a great mystery of the universe. Time management, organizational skills, and defined plans of action will help anyone feel centered and relaxed.

6. You’ll Take a Vacation.

No one should work 70+ hours a week, yet many of my clients feel that working overtime is the only way they can keep their heads above water. After learning time management, organization, delegation, and other skills, many dentists find that they can put in a reasonable week at the office. They may even have the time (and funds) to take that vacation they’ve been longing for. At the same time, they can take the time off, knowing their practice is running smoothly and profitably.

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