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Dental Coaching and Dental Practice Management

Is Dental Coaching Right for You?

Dental Coaching and Dental Practice Management
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Are you ready to get your practice and your life on track? Do you want to work one-on-one with a seasoned, knowledgeable professional who can help you move your practice forward and reap the rewards of your efforts?

Now is the time for the BEST solution – a credentialed professional business and personal coach who is also a successful practicing dentist!

With nearly 30 years of successful private practice and 15 years of professional dental coaching, I can help you have the profitability and peace you want.

I offer you help in ways that no one else does.

Let’s start talking now!

About Dr. Don Deems

Dr. Don Deems

I help clients find their own answers, live their own truths, and enjoy their lives to the fullest expressions of whom they are and whom they are becoming. I illuminate their paths and use my knowledge, experience and intuition to help them develop a deeper relationship with themselves and with others.

My clients come to me because they want more out of life, because they are outwardly successful, and inwardly feel they are not living their lives fully. They may be at crossroads in their lives or just feeling overwhelmed by the businesses they built. They may be ready for major changes or perhaps just looking to find more simplicity. Wherever they are, they come to me with sincerity, honesty, a willingness to consider looking at their beliefs and self-imposed limitations and a desire for change. Above all else, they come with courage.

My style is warm, compassionate, and trustworthy. I speak directly and honestly; I step over nothing. My clients find me thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring, and a safe traveling partner on their personal journey.

Wherever you are on your own journey, I consider it an honor and a gift to assist you on your path to a more fulfilling life.

Dental Coaching and Dental Practice Management


How I Can Help


Coach TV


“Don has the unique perspective and experience of a dentist and that made all the difference. He understands exactly what I go through on a daily basis. We talked for a few months and he helped me work through some nagging anxieties and worry that were effecting the quality of life. Mostly, it seems now, through a gentle self-exploration. No psychotherapy. We kind of just talk.

“I continue to talk with Don on a regular basis. I feel it gets me charged up and focused for the week ahead. He is a wealth of knowledge for practice management info, too.”

John C.
“I first came to Don after struggling for several years from being generally burned out and unhappy with doing dentistry. I had everything anyone could ever want, a wonderful family, nice house and good practice all on a three and a half days a week schedule. After feeling guilty about having it all and still hating to go to work, I knew I needed help. Don and I hit it off right away! I felt like he understood exactly what I was going through. Through a series of weekly coaching sessions, and doing my homework in between, Don has helped me reduce my anxiety, let go of fear and be able to enjoy going to work again. I have found a lifelong friend, coach, and mentor in Don and I can’t recommend him enough.”
Bill H.
“About a year has passed. Don restored my confidence, focused my attention, and opened my eyes to opportunities that I couldn’t previously imagine. Gross productivity is down about 30%, but net profitability has increased to 36%, and it’s still climbing…Within a year, maybe two, the gross will be back where it was, and the net will be over 40%. In 6 weeks, I am giving my first lecture of a series that is intended to create partnerships with other dentists and ultimately, teach them how to do what I do. A potentially beautiful transition for me into retirement; whatever that might really mean. This year for the first time I took two separate vacations, each 10 days long. Next year I’m taking three and the next year I intend to cut back to 3 work days/week. “
Wayne B.

Coach TV

Used to consultants telling you what to do? Dentists across the country have discovered the incredible benefits of dental coaching. These doctors enjoy greater productivity, reduced anxiety, improved leadership skills, and a renewed passion for their careers.

Dental coaching with Dr. Don Deems can help you identify potential areas of improvement and establish plans to achieve your objectives. Coach TV is loaded with “How To” videos and our bi-monthly video series The Dentist’s Coach Insider Strategies.


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Ready to experience ultimate success? Great! Contact Dr. Deems for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.

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