Achieve Your Ultimate Potential

Dental coaching with Dr. Don Deems can help you identify potential areas of improvement and establish plans to achieve your objectives.

Dr. Deems offers several different service packages to meet your individual needs. Your coaching could consist of one-on-one phone conferences, all the way up to quarterly team workshops at your own practice.Read More
The Dentist’s Coach®: Build a Vibrant Practice and the Life You Want and Roadmaps to Success are two invaluable tools in your coaching journey. Dr. Deems explains his coaching philosophy and the practical applications for your own practice.Read More
Dr. Deems is an experienced, accomplished presenter for local, regional,and national dental meetings. He will make your event unforgettable!See More

Dentists across the country have discovered the benefits of dental coaching. Thanks to Dr. Deems, these practitioners enjoy greater productivity, reduced anxiety, improved leadership skills, and a renewed passion for their careers.

“Don has the unique perspective and experience of a dentist and that made all the difference. He understands exactly what I go through on a daily basis. We talked for a few months and he helped me work through some nagging anxieties and worry that were effecting the quality of life. Mostly, it seems now, through a gentle self-exploration. No psychotherapy. We kind of just talk.

“I continue to talk with Don on a regular basis. I feel it gets me charged up and focused for the week ahead. He is a wealth of knowledge for practice management info, too.”

John C.
“I first came to Don after struggling for several years from being generally burned out and unhappy with doing dentistry. I had everything anyone could ever want, a wonderful family, nice house and good practice all on a three and a half days a week schedule. After feeling guilty about having it all and still hating to go to work, I knew I needed help. Don and I hit it off right away! I felt like he understood exactly what I was going through. Through a series of weekly coaching sessions, and doing my homework in between, Don has helped me reduce my anxiety, let go of fear and be able to enjoy going to work again. I have found a lifelong friend, coach, and mentor in Don and I can’t recommend him enough.”
Bill H.
“About a year has passed. Don restored my confidence, focused my attention, and opened my eyes to opportunities that I couldn’t previously imagine. Gross productivity is down about 30%, but net profitability has increased to 36%, and it’s still climbing…Within a year, maybe two, the gross will be back where it was, and the net will be over 40%. In 6 weeks, I am giving my first lecture of a series that is intended to create partnerships with other dentists and ultimately, teach them how to do what I do. A potentially beautiful transition for me into retirement; whatever that might really mean. This year for the first time I took two separate vacations, each 10 days long. Next year I’m taking three and the next year I intend to cut back to 3 work days/week. “
Wayne B.

Dentist Goals Quiz: Is Your Life in Balance?

How do you know if your life is in balance? After all, it’s a rather subjective thing. Hard work is important, and so are family, friends, exercise, spirituality, and host of other things. Most of us are just going along, trying to do the best we can. Getting everything done is challenge enough. All too often, it feels as though meeting deadlines and getting to appointments on time is the most balance we will ever achieve. However, for me, balance is something more. Balance is having a life full of meaningful and things that are important to me. I encourage my clients to make balance one of their top dentist goals. Although our work is certainly important, it is only when we have balance that we can connect to the meaning behind it. Take this quick quiz to see in which direction your life is leaning. […]

Professional Dental Coach Honored by Dentistry Today

The December 2014 issue of Dentistry Today has named Dr. Deems a leader in Continuing Education/Consulting. This is the eleventh year in a row that he has been recognized by the magazine for his contributions to dentistry and his diverse range of professional accomplishments. Among numerous esteemed consultants, Dr. Deems is the only professional trained dental coach given this recognition. He received his dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry before Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Executive Management Program. He also received his coaching training at Coach U. For 27 years, Dr. Deems has owned his own dental practice in Little Rock. He has been coaching other dentists for the last 14 years. As both a working dentist and a professional dental coach, Dr. Deems is uniquely poised to help dentists find greater practice success and personal fulfillment.


Your Dentist Business Coach Reminds You to Smile

Isn’t ironic that, as dentists, we often don’t take the time to smile? We spend all of our time giving our patients beautiful, healthy smiles that they will feel great about. However, we ourselves get so caught up in the daily grind that we often go around with a stony expression or, worse, a near-permanent frown. In my capacity as a dentist business coach, I cannot overemphasize the importance of smiling. It’s not just about your appearance. Smiling greatly impacts your mood and even your physical health. Additionally, when you smile, it changes the way that others feel. A smiling dentist is likely to have a more successful practice overall. […]